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So much more than just an About Us page

Over the last few weeks on social media we’ve been sharing our tips for creating an engaging story about you and your brand for your website. About Us pages can oftentimes be bland and lacking in personality. However, this doesn’t have to be the case – they can be so much more. They can entertain, make you laugh, pull at heartstrings, educate and sell, all in a few short paragraphs.

You don’t have to write an About Us page just like everyone else’s. This section of your website provides you a chance to get creative and truly show who you are as an organisation, a leader, a team or a brand. For those who may have missed our tips on social media, here are a few that will help you to write an About Us page that represents you, your brand and your voice.

What’s in a name?

Ninety-nine per cent of websites might call it the About or About Us page but you don’t need to follow the flock. We’ve called ours Our Story, but we’ve seen equivalent pages called Meet the Team, Get to Know Us, Why Us and Who We Are. Find a heading that reflects your brand and your organisation. Have fun and be creative – this is your story so it’s okay to give it a title that reflects the style of your brand.

Get personal

As we said, this is your story, so show some personality. Often, About Us pages can be formal and sterile, which isn’t going to engage your audience. Open up: show the people behind the brand and tell your story in your own unique voice. It’s possible to be professional without being boring.

Share your values

What is important to you and your organisation? What are the values that are essential to how you operate? Share these in your About Us content. Consumers are more likely to work with or buy from organisations that reflect their own values. Put them out there and you will attract like-minded customers and clients.

Focus on facts

Let your work speak for itself – don’t try to inflate or embellish. Simply put down what you do for your customers or clients. A great way to think about this is to answer the questions: What problem do I solve for my audience? What solution am I providing? For us, for example, it is helping you to tell your story in your way.

Have fun!

This needs to apply to all content, whether it is your website, Instagram, blogs or advertising copy: HAVE FUN! Be whimsical, funny, sarcastic or biting; do what works for your brand. Of course, don’t go too far, and keep your audience in mind. For example, if you are looking to attract a more conservative consumer, maybe stay away from the swear words.

At the end of the day you want to create a genuine connection between your business and your audience. It’s not about listing all the nitty-gritty details of your day-to-day operations or showing off your elaborate business plan – it’s about sharing your values and what makes you stand out among the competition. Show your audience your unique personality and make it clear that you are so much more than just an About Us page.

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