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Our Story

Passionate storytellers and experienced marketers, we love getting to know the stories behind our clients’ brands. Bringing together our own unique stories, we offer a different perspective on how content marketing can be done.

Our team of editors, designers, web builders and writers are dedicated to innovation, brand development and imaginative communication with your audience.

Why Us?

Telling your story doesn’t just mean putting together a short blurb for the ‘About Us’ page on your website. Every word and image you use contributes to the story of your brand or organisation.

As storytellers, we are here to help in all aspects, from defining your story, tone and voice, to content strategy, creation and management. We have every chapter covered. We are here to help you tell your story your way.

Rule-breaking and crowd-defying, we help you cut through the noise and discover your own unique voice and style. We create content that is more than just keywords strung together – it’s content that cuts through.


Our Chief Storyteller

Cara Stewart

A storyteller from the moment I could talk, I’ve turned my skills for tall tale-telling into a successful career in marketing and now into a business.

Never one for following the rules or the crowd, I believe in doing things a little differently. After all, why be like everyone else when you can be yourself?

My favourite story?

The Paperbag Princess. A dragon-fighting, ass-kicking princess creating her own path – what’s not to love?

Our Chief Cheerleader


Though I joined The Long and The Short of It a year into its existence, I do believe that it was named for me. 

I make the perfect mascot for the team, being both long and short, and am in charge of winning over clients and customers with my innate goofiness and sweet temperament. With no skills to my name, I pull my weight through tail-wagging and kisses.

My favourite story?

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy of course! 


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